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Because It’s Misspelled

bobby gestureYesterday, I predicted Bobby would make this gesture in his Dan Rather interview and while this is from some other cockamamie scheme he got roped into, I am sure this happened.

When Bobby does this, I like to pretend he is grasping the enormous skull of Charlie Brown and yelling at the child to stop believing Lucy’s lies.


  1. tonight i am at the san francisco giants baseball game — it’s grateful dead night here at at&t park! annabel g threw out the first pitch, after sunshine sang the national anthem. with bill walton, but it seemed that bill’s mike was not on. bill has had his arms in the air a lot. also, moonalice played, introduced by steve perry. now mickey yelled, “play ball!”

    • LOL Steve Perry.

      Yay Dawn……..Bay Area Giants fans unite!
      May your seats be faaaaar away from the Walton Spread Eagle…

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