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Because It’s There

From an esteemed and pedigreed source comes this: A 10-hour supercut of all the Dark Star from ’72. Like me, I’m sure, you’ve often wondered, “How much Dark Star was in 1972?” Here is the answer to the question: this much.

I am reminded of the classic cocktail party game for spotting sociopaths: your mother dies and at the funeral you meet the love of your life. you have never met this person before, and they disappear without exchanging information with you. How do you get in touch with this person.

The answer is, of course, “Kill your father and meet the person at the funeral.” It’s supposed to snoop out psychos, but it always seemed more like a riddle than a true psych evaluation to me.

How do you tell a True Enthusiast: upon hearing there’s a 10-hour supercut of all the ’72 Dark Stars, you immediately ask if there will be one for ’73, as well.


  1. pfffft I circulated a zip file of all the ’72 dark stars among serious Enthusiasts years ago

  2. I actually genuinely enjoy Grayfolded from time to time. Does that count as a Dark Star “supercut”?

  3. Great link spencer! Much appreciated.

  4. What do Benjy and Bill have to do with the ’72 Dark Stars tho why is their picture there no offense

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