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Hey, Phil. How come you guy are in the same room?

“Because it’s, like, 1984 or thereabouts.”

You sure?

“Yeah. Look at how fat I am, and Bobby’s potato salad.”

Ah, yeah.

“Also: we’re in the same room.”

Also, yeah.

Nice watch.

“John Mayer got it for me.”


  1. How they going to pull these reunion shows off if Phil and Billiam can’t be on stage together.

  2. Phil was always a euro beer snob, however awful that shit is.

  3. franz christain anderpoop

    May 16, 2015 at 11:40 am

    Wondering if the tensions will rise after Santa Clara. Maybe 3 & down wasn’t such a bad idea, except for the fact that they need the rehearsal time to exit coherently. Is Phil really so annoyed with the other guys or is it just a superiority complex gone amok & feels they are beneath him?
    Or is it all Jill’s fault?

  4. The first time I visited SF, I made a point to drive to San Rafael and check out Front St. Totally uninteresting and vaguely seedy, but seedy like the backlot from Beverly Hills Cop, not seedy like waiting for the train at Myrtle Ave at midnight. A few years later I went back and it was just as uninteresting.

    But: How easy would it have been to drive up, park in the lot, and walk right into that place?

    • I think the best analogy is an NFL game: if you’re quick and determined, you can get run onto the field no problem.

      But, you’re going to the hospital. And everyone knows this, which keeps football fields much less prone to idiot invasion than baseball or soccer fields.

      There must have been a couple crazies, though, yeah.

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