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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


The ’77 Scarlet>Fires were lighter on their feet than the ’78s, which could get a bit aggressive and start fights in doctor’s offices. The 4/6 once tackled Mrs. Rosenberg (who has phlebitis, for God’s sake) and then bit the nurse who came to help.

Garcia is sure-footed both lyrically and instrumentally, taking many occasions to fuck shit up.

“Should I play the song or just fuck shit up?


“I’m gonna fuck shit up.”

And so he does, at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago on May 17th, 1977.


  1. 5/13, not 5/17. But you already knew that.

    One of my first tapes, 1st gen off of WXRT as a wide-eyed teenager whose only knowledge of GD at the time was that they were popular with the burn-outs. Which I eventually became myself.

    Love the Phil passage rolling into Fire. And, truth be told, the Donna moans made my Wranglers just a liiiiiitle snugger.

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