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Berned Out

  • “If 7-11 doesn’t have cherry Slurpees, then instead of getting a Coke Slurpee, I will punch the cashier in the sternum and burn down the store.”
  • “The book I wanted to read has been checked out of the library. I could get a different book, or entertain myself some other way, but I choose to punch the librarian in the sternum and burn down the library.”
  • “I have been rejected from the college I applied to. I could just go to a similar school; I will instead punch the bursar in the sternum and burn down the campus.”

Need I go on?


  1. no one it’s aimed at will get it or think it’s funny

  2. yeah, go on

  3. I’m not sure if I agree with this. Many of the people you are speaking of have never voted for a Democrat before. I have voted for many Democrats over my life but the thought of voting for a corporate shill / possible criminal is not exciting. I’m not punching anyone or setting anything on fire but I can understand the frustration with the choices presented. And I understand that the media paints us as bomb throwing anarchist but a coke a cola slurpy is not going to change the system that made it rich.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      June 7, 2016 at 7:41 pm

      How dare you be reasonable about this?

      I agree: Hillary is perhaps the least appealing Democratic candidate of my lifetime, and one of the least appealing humans in American life. She is a loathsome person, and William Safire was right: she is a congenital liar.

      But I believe that makes it a choice among the following options: hold your nose and vote for her anyway, stay home, or vote for a third party candidate of your choosing. Being disillusioned with the system because of Sanders’ loss is understandable–I’m disappointed–but to voice that anger through a Trump vote is one step beyond sanity, in my mind.

      • I have trouble believing that any (significant amount of) Sanders supporters will literally vote for Trump, only that the media frames a 3rd party vote or abstention as a vote for Trump.

        • Disturbingly, whole chunks of Trump’s speech last night sounded like they were lifted from Sanders – stuff about the system being rigged by and for the wealthy – so occasionally Trump can say stuff that is true. I’m fairly certain he will handily defeat Clinton, but it seems to me the choice is really one of how hard and fast and thoroughly you want to get f***ed. I wish I could look away.

  4. It isn’t a media frame. It’s the reality of the institutional structure of our current ballot voting system.

    I’ve been banging on about the ballot reform preferential, ranked-choice voting ever since I read about it on Sam Smith’s Undernews blog in the 1990s. I anticipate that the American public will embrace the idea enthusiastically, once it receives enough television coverage.

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