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Bernthal The Fillmore, Gas The Avalon

“I have a question.”

His name is Jon Bernthal. He’s an actor currently playing The Punisher on Netflix.

“Ah. And, uh, here’s another question.”

The Punisher is a Marvel character.

“One of those souped-up heroes?”

Superheroes, Bobby.

“No, no. These guys are all full of extra features and abilities. Thoroughly souped-up heroes.”

I guess. The Punisher doesn’t have any powers.

“How does he punish, then?”

He has PTSD and a van.

“So does Sam Cutler.”

And an arsenal.

“Still could be Sam Cutler.”

The Punisher shoots people. Or stabs them in the face. Sometimes, he uses explosives. If he needs to, he beats people to death with whatever blunt object is within reach. I don’t know if he throws anyone off a building in this version, but he’s absolutely thrown people off roofs before. One time, he lured a couple guys into a polar bear’s enclosure at the zoo.

“Uh-huh. So,uh, he’s the bad guy?”

No. He’s the hero.

“I’m not following.”

It’s not like he’s murdering randos without due process in progressively entertaining ways, he’s murdering bad guys without due process.

“And, uh, why is he punishing anyone in the first place? Why doesn’t he join the cops?”

He was a cop. Then his family was killed by criminals.

“Well, there’s an inciting incident for ya.”

You said it. Thereafter, Frank Castle dedicated his life to sneaking up behind criminals and bludgeoning them to death. Or sniping them from a block away. A good deal of the Punisher’s appeal is his steadfast refusal to fight fair.

“Sounds like Billy. Does this Punishing fellow hang out with the other souped-up heroes?”

He’s frenemies with Daredevil. Tries to murder Spider-Man on occasion.

“Still sounds like Billy.”

It does.


Jon Bernthal was in The Wolf of Wall Street. The merch yoink: not just for drummers!


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  2. The Punisher and Bobby!!! Great show and excellent pic!!!

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