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Better Get Back To Tennessee, Dead

Image result for bonnaroo 2016The world needs a plumber. Everything leaks nowadays.


  1. The apostrophe-challenged “ZEDS DEAD” (at the bottom): A new supergroup of Altamont Angels, Bruce Willis and Billy?

  2. Remember when concert posters didn’t look like invites to a kids birthday party?

  3. It is nothing short of criminal that Mavis Staples is not listed as a headliner.

  4. Them Dungen guys are OK

  5. Grace Potter will be there..

    Hope she sits in with Bobby..

    Natasha Monster hopes she does not sit on Bobby.

  6. I was unaware that Cymande had reunited. Gonna have to keep an ear out for any NYC appearances.

    • Cymande is the biggest fucking deal in that lineup by far for a small but mighty contingent of us. There have been half-assed rumors about a reunion for the last couple years but no real news until now, if that counts

  7. I treat my bands like uninformed liberal parents treat the ingredients in their children’s food and medicine: if I can’t pronounce it/have never heard of it, I ain’t fuckin with it.

  8. Bobby live right now on periscope



    Who the hell are you?

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