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Big Whiskey River

This one ain’t a Dead song, but it should have been:

Commodore of the Crimean Fleet and dark horse contender in the 2016 Presidential run Mr. Completely brings this bit of genius Americana to our attention: the crowd’s half (at least) the fun here, and–not to engage in wanton stereotyping–Willie’s longtime harmonica player, Mickey Buffalo, has got to be the only Jew in the stadium, if not the county.

Fun facts: the Dead never played Whiskey River live. They tried it once at rehearsal, but it introduced pernicious thoughts into Billy and he was arrested later that day for sneaking onto a paddle steamer and punching Hal Holbrook (dressed as Mark Twain) in the dick, then claiming he had the vapors.

Also, at 8.10 you will fall in love.

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  1. Always loved them overalls on pretty chicks in cowboy hats. Damn, I was just borned too late.

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