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Bil Walton: Eugenicist

trey walton garcia daughter
“Trey, you’re the Garcia now.”

“Um, not really.”

“Garcia’s daughter: you are Garcia’s rightful heir.”

“Lawyers have opinions on that, but: yeah, I guess.”

“I want to mate the two of you.”


“I’ll need rum drinks, but I have a thing for gingers.”


“Why not?”

“Let’s do this.”


“You can’t be in the room, Bill.”

“Yeah, no.”


  1. Morning Douche

    July 15, 2015 at 9:27 pm


  2. hey soo…….. *slides you $13 and an extremely rare Jerry Garcia meme* have you ever read Antigone? care to write my essay on it for me?

    i’m going to write a motherfucking essay on a motherfucking story that I didn’t even read in under two hours: fite me, US government

  3. This is great. Bobby looks like he’s posing for Tiger Beat.

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