Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Billy And The Pilgrims

Oh, Godammit.

“Hey now.”

Yeah, yeah: hey now.

“You here for the Dead show? With Garcia, who is alive?”

Odd way to phrase that. I was here for a Dead show, yeah. Well, kinda.

“Kinda? What are you, some kinda time traveller?”

“An accidental one?”

“Like, usually the one who’s in charge of the time travelling, but now you’re stranded in the first Bush administration?”

“And your smart phone doesn’t work, even though I do not know what a smart phone is?”

You are some observant motherfuckers, I’ll say that.

“There’s a guy selling fatty burritos over there who also does fatty time travel.”

Shakedown Street is much weirder than I remember it being.

“Everything is.”

Thanks for the help, anyway.

“No worries.”

Guys: short Communism. Borrow everything you can and go short on Communism.

“Good looking out, brother.”

Hey now.


  1. One of these people has to be you

    Probably the girl with the crop top

  2. This photo demands a multi-post series. More specifically, that blonde woman in the black dress in the background is demanding it.

  3. Kid in the baseball hat is trippin balls

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