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Billy, Mickey, And Garcia (Approximately)

mickey bill walton sunshine giants
Though you can’t see the whole word due to Bill Walton’s massive and surgically reconstructed back, his jersey reads “Iconoclast” because as a young man, Bill Walton didn’t care much for the accepted wisdom of his elders, nor did he esteem the men and women he was told to esteem.

Also, he once borrowed the Time Sheath to sack the Monastery of Saint Anthony’s in 1566, kicking off what’s known as the Beeldenstorm, which brought about the end of Catholic rule in parts of what would become the Benelux nations.

If there’s one thing that Coach Wooden pounded into his players’ heads, it was that indulgences were not to be sold.

Also, Mickey is wearing the sweatshirt that set Soldier Field buzzing when he wore it. During Drums, the camera caught a good view of the hood, which although you can’t see in this pic, has a bright red-and-white Stealie on the inside of it and 70,000 people turned to one another and said, “Ooh, that’s a nice hoodie.”


  1. No Siree

    Indulgences are to be earned through prayer and self mutilation, we know that now. Hard to believe our barbaric past.

  2. Note that the co-designer of the Skull and Lightning Bolt, Bear, did not like it being called a “stealie” – a fair point since it dates from 1972, well before it was used on the cover of Steal Your Face. Check out the cover of Bear’s Choice, for example. The wrath of Bear is something best not invoked, even posthumously.

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