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Billy Weighs In

billy smiling fenway

What are you smiling about?

“Whaddya think?”

John’s outfit?


Josh’s outfit.

“Yeah. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. Me and Mick are going down to Creepy Ernie’s to have identical outfits made up.”

Oh, gosh,  hope no one in the Comment Section ‘shops that hellish image into existence.

“Gonna be like a gang from Nantucket.”

Bobby likes shorts. You could get him into it.

“Nah. Weir’s allergic to gingham. Makes him break out in jives.”


“No, jives. He starts talking like a black guy.”


“And you know: Branford’s in the band now.”

You’re awful, Billy.

“Josh is getting really into that outfit, too.”

How so?

“He killed a Vassar co-ed on a yacht, and then his father got the whole thing covered up.”

Wow. When?

“This afternoon.”


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  1. Looks like an imposter to me….or a reasonable facsimile.

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