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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Bilt 2 Last

built to last


No. It wasn’t the Gr8ful Ded. Garcia didn’t spell things wrong on purpose, and he certainly wouldn’t do that Prince thing with the numbers for “to” or “for.”

He also wouldn’t wear his hat at that angle: far past rakish, that tilt says its wearer is headed down to the mall to try out the new racial slur he learned from his father. Garcia wasn’t a hat guy in general, and I hardly think the waffled-quilted baseball cap is gonna be his chapeau of choice.

Also: Built 12 Last? Because if “2” can mean “to,” then the lightning bolt can be a “one.” Anything can mean anything, apparently. Letters=numbers. Fuck, let’s just have some hieroglyphics up in this piece.


I was being “street.”

Go inside.


  1. Also, easily their worst effort, Built to Last. Even worse than the catastrophe that is Shakedown Street. At least, as we know, it is possible for most of the songs on Shakedown to sound good in live performance. Grateful Gangster my ass.

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