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Birthday Nitties

pigpen fender amps bw

“Where’d you come from!”

Um. Right here, I guess.

“That Sneaky Pete routine gonna get you stabbed or sliced or poked just a little bitty bit! Give the Pig a little warning, why dontcha!”

Sorry, Pig. I just wanted to say happy birthday.

“Yeah, all right. Don’t think the Pig don’t appreciate it.”

How old would you have been today?



“Still be chasin’ after them girls, tho! Find myself a place to set where I c’n see the world, and tell it what I think! You know them old folks got dignity, people say they so cute?”


“That wouldn’t be the ol’ Pig!”

Probably not.

“Shit, I’d probably need one of them minders. Jamaican lady in a white dress with a surly attitude! Make her take me places so I c’n tell the young people what they doin’ wrong!”

You wouldn’t be that old. You don’t need to be wheeled around at age 71.

“Who said anything ’bout need!? I’m just sayin’ it sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon!”

There are far worse ways.

“Try bein’ dead!”


“That’s right, nah. You got yourself a choice, you live to be 200 years old. Band sounds rough now, but give ’em a decade. They gonna get tight.”

I hope so. Hey, what’s in the bag?

“Ham on rye and a piece o’ peach cobbler!”

You’re all right, Pig.

“Yeah, I know!”


  1. Pig (the one you have so greatly brought to life) is my favourite character

  2. Allman Bros. cab makes me think this is from the Peidmont Park gig which followed the Atlanta Pop Fest I in ’69?

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