bobby mike gordon fish story

“So is it still mousse? You kids still all about the mousse? I bought a can once, but got confused and put it on my hot chocolate.”

“Oh, no, Bobby: mousse is out. All about the leave-in conditioner product. Put in on in the shower, pat dry with a towel, style as desired.”

“Wow, wow. The future, huh?”

“It’s here, yeah.”

“But, hey, man: I don’t have to tell you that having the best hair in the band is a hassle. But it’s worth it and we owe it to the fans and, really: we owe it to our hair.”

“I hear ya.”

“And it must be tougher for you than for me: if I was having an iffy hair night, I still had my pretty, pretty face to pull me through. You’re not a ‘face’ guy, y’know?”

“I always love our talks, Bob.”