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Black-Throated Sabbath

Rock Nerd Opinion I May Hold Solely To Be Contrary: Bill Ward was a better drummer than John Bonham.

Also: Tony Iommi had the worst hair in heavy metal, and that is a feat.


  1. Contrary opinions are what we do as enthusiasts.

    I think vice guaraldi’s “skating” inspired “the 11”.

  2. Absolutely no question that Bill Ward is better than John Bonham(at least for me he is). Bill Ward has a better touch with more dynamics & swing. Bonham was better at changing time signatures and is titanic in his own right. I like Sabbath better and the main reason is their rhythm section of Bill Ward & Geezer Butler. The fact that Paranoid was written as an afterthought for the record company is too funny. They all claim it took less than hour to write, record & mix. Don’t know why you just didn’t post the whole concert Paris show though:

    • Don’t know why I couldn’t either, but at least you now know where tapers got one of there stereophonic mic techniques(ORTF)

  3. What Tony Iommi lacked in hairstyle he more than made up for in the Potato Salad department …remember to use the English pronunciation of potato while reading this.

  4. Here’s the classic Kim Mitchell vid

  5. hard to beat that rhythm section of Bill and Geezer. love this blog and may 2017 be better than the last.

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