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21 more shows?


  1. Oh come on! Fare thee well my ass!

    Having said that, I hope they come to my town 🙂

  2. I’m definitely going to be crying about this in 3 hours.

  3. The Final Never Again Farewell Maybe Tour.

  4. Only thing final about Fare Thee Well was that it was Phil’s last time playing with Billy, I think. Rumors say this tour will run Halloween (and maybe a little before) to end of November, with more dates to come next year if sales are good. Northeast, Southeast, CO, and Bay Area. We shall see.

  5. Must see TV tonite – The Weir – Dan Rather Interview on AXS.
    Check out this Bobbyism from the preview as he thinks out loud in front of Rather….

    “Could I have done more for my music, or our music ?????



    I probably could of got up earlier or something.”

  6. If someone like Grateful Dean is breaking news like this, I suspect Shapiro is whispering in his ear.
    I definitely see a Benji role in his future.

  7. All Grateful Dean says nowadays is “I know something that you do not and I can not tell you” he is like our mean older brother.

    No the Jew on this tour seems capable of making Shapiro look like a saint.
    And perhaps Phil is not the greedy one after all.

    Check out the “Official Platinum Seats on Ticketmaster”
    The presale code is

    You will get no seats available, but….. wait… look at this here we do have a few for $650 to $750

    So they trickle out these “dynamically priced” seats, to see who bites.

    At average price of 100 they take in 2 mill. At average price of $200 they take 4 mill per night.

    They get to say, tickets sold at 50 to 100… but in reality they were sold at $500.

    Scalpers are actually cheaper than some of these “official platinum seats”

  8. I’m alive

    When I got home I cried about Jeff Chimenti and my siblings were so confused lol

  9. Ever seen the interview where Weir claims he was good friends with Jimi Hendrix.
    Anyone know WTF is he talking about?

    • It appears to be a reputable journal, peer reviewed and almost certainly not receiving any funding from the DEA. Well, probably not. OK, possibly not.

      Weir did jam with Hendrix in the Guild tent at Monterey in June 1967.

      • Booby was good friends w Jimi, Phil tuned up Miles Davis’ Cadillac, Jerry & Elvis went abalone diving together, and Keith once jammed w Ray Charles on the White House roof.

  10. WOW!!! I never imagined this would be so painful!

    But it’s okay, because ToTD, you’ve been keeping me company while I’ve been scrolling through ur archives chillin in bed for the past 45 mins

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