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Blew My Mind

Prince in a power trio covering Honky Tonk Woman. That is all.


  1. I try and read all the rock autobiographies so the rest of you don’t have to, not because I care but because first person narratives, no matter how drug addled or ghost written, often reveal unforeseen details.

    Which is how I came to read excerpts of Bebe Buell’s autobiography in Mojo magazine some years ago (even I could not bring myself to pay actual money for the book). Ms Buell was a super-groupie, in the days when that still meant a young woman who made herself available to rock stars, not as some sort of metaphor. Anyway, amongst many others, she was Todd Rundgren’s significant other in the mid-70s at some point.

    The revealing detail was that when Todd played Minneapolis, presumably with his band Utopia (don’t ask), teenage Prince Rogers Nelson regularly found his way backstage, because he apparently idolized Todd. So when Prince became a rock star in the 80s, both Bebe and Todd (by then not a couple, I think), said “oh, that guy, good for him.”

    Very interesting to consider Prince as a charismatic Todd that could dance. Todd was a brilliant producer, had a knack for pop and could play any instrument as well as he wanted to. But he was a brainy nerd, back when being a nerd was not in itself a road to riches, fame or a pretty girlfriend (which was why nerds played guitar). Prince had the something/anything that Todd didn’t, and he became Prince.

    • Corry, you are a national treasure……you too ToTD, maybe we can hook you two up with some bunk beds in the Smithsonian.

      • Thanks Spencer. Haven’t had a bunk bed since the 1970s

        When I first heard Prince I connected him as the successor to Sly Stone, which he was, but I completely missed the Todd comparison, even though I was well aware of Rundgren. From a Hegelian point of view–I know everyone was waiting for a Universal Philosophy take on rock history–Sly was the hypothesis, Todd was the antithesis and Prince the synthesis.

    • Respect for Todd R, for sure.

      Seeing bands in the late 70’s early 80’s it was a rarity to have the sound be worth a damn.

      Notable exceptions.
      The Dead, Todd Rundgren, Peter Gabriel.

      They took the time to make the sound good.

  2. Also talking about Prince the guitarist — if you’ve never heard his version of Just My Imagination (from a well-known 1988 boot) it’s worth the 8 minutes of your time:

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      April 21, 2016 at 9:26 pm

      This is great. Where are the rest of the shows? I demand Prince opens up the vault. Someone tell Lillian Monster to get her bullhorn.

  3. Also talking about Jerry the guitarist this is actually worth 19 minutes of time. As for just my imagination Cornell Campbell or Prince,discuss.
    Just kiddin around,peace.

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