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Blue And Green Should Never Be Seen

painting jerry good 2

Yes! Ladies and gentlemen, TotD presents–by popular demand and the fact that I can’t come up with anything else–the return of Terrible Dead Art with this piece which, aside from Garcia having a skull that would make a phrenologist ruin his trousers, is actually pretty darn good.


  1. dammit TOTD, your writing is a Jones, one which trickles into my veins with one single post and immediately sets up a craving for more. You and cocaine are related, aren’t you? Get out of my life, woman.

  2. You need a dickpunch. Luckily I’ll be schmoozing with our currently favorite author tonight. I’ve learned how to give a cold enough shoulder to Benjy Eisen that Billy and I can plan your punishment. Just you wait.

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