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Blue Jean Bassist


From one of my eyes and ears in the field known throughout the world (or at least Marin County) as the Haight Street Irregulars comes this sneaky-peak at our own Philbert J. Lesh, who got that jacket at the Santa Clara Farewell Shoes and has worn it proudly ever since when Jill doesn’t see him before he leaves the house and makes him take it off.

I’m team Phil on this one: that looks to be your standard Levi’s jean jacket–the vestigial waist epaulets give it away–and it is an unfairly maligned garment. The coat is officially called a Trucker Jacket, which makes sense when you note that the useful pockets (the smaller, buttonable ones on the breast and the large, open-mouthed ones in the inside) are all accessible while sitting in a car, while the outside pouches are just big enough to ball your hands into.

The pockets are the selling point: all teenage dirtbags know that one’s the exact size as a pack of Marlboro Reds, and the other’s a tight and secure fit for a CD.

PLUS, you could pair the jacket with a hoodie underneath, and that’ll get you through the winter in most of the country.

I will also give points to Phil for threading the double-denim needle: there’s almost infinitely manyways to get double-denim wrong, but starkly contrasting shades of blue is the only path to success. You might think that black jeans with a blue jean jacket might work, but stop thinking like that because if you think like that, you think terribly. Never succumb to the siren song of black jeans; black jeans are for guys from Long Island and teens who work at movie theaters.

Before you put on your black jeans, ask yourself: am I in Metallica? If the answer is no, then do not black jeans.


  1. You can emphasize the tone contrast all you want but it’s still a Canadian tuxedo.

  2. can women wear black jeans?

  3. The Central Shaft

    March 11, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    That jacket is dope AF and I am a fan/wearer of the trucker jacket myself (including today). The internal open pockets are also great for toting beers and other contraband, but you didn’t hear it from me.

  4. Are we just giving up on properly rotating photographs?

  5. I have not had a jeans jacket for over 25 years. Perhaps it is time to get one once again.

    Although I still hold a grudge against Phil for singing Jack Straw, Franklins and all those other tunes at Fare Thee Well, but I guess I should not take it out on the jacket.

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