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Bob, Denver

As I’ve mentioned, the concept of time zones stymies me, so tonight’s show might be happening now, or three hours from now, or may be over by now.

If it’s one of the first two options, I hope someone will be kind enough to post streams in the Comment Section.


  1. Undertaking until
    Preparations for the show. It has not started yet. I’m on my way!!!

  2. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    November 24, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    bob in sunglasses

  3. Colorado is two hours behind the East Coast so a19:30 start in Denver is 21:30 in Florida.

  4. Stir it up.. for sure tonight

  5. This guy had a pretty good broadcast earlier in the tour

  6. I think this gal is going to be streaming the show..right now she’s streaming JRAD doing the eleven and if it never stops I’d be fine with that too

  7. Here we go !!!

  8. The sign language interpreter in the Dudes periscope is hands down the best most dead head-est signer I have ever seen. He is dancin, emotin like nobodies business

  9. Geeze.. the boys smoked the sleepy weed today for sure, time for nap

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