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Bob Weir: 69


So: it’s Bobby’s birthday, and it’s a special one. 69 years old today, which means he has to give as many presents as he gets, simultaneously, and it’s not as much fun as it seems like it should be.

He’s playing tonight in support of his cowboy album at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY, and you can watch it here for free.

The Phishes are also playing tonight, in Jacksonville, and you can buy the show or search around and steal it; also, I hope that you can all leave me mean and sarcastic comments about how I could have been there; I certainly didn’t have things to do today (or very early tomorrow) that precluded the eight-hour round-trip drive.


  1. only four hours each way, and you didn’t go? and it is bobby’s birthday? wow. that is an underwhelming effort.

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