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Bob Weir And A Mailbox And A Dog

bobby mailbox

Between tours, Bobby waits down at the end of the street for the mailman. He brings Otis with him, and they tell each other stories about what the mailman could possibly be up to.

Was he delivering birthday cards to lonely grandmas, so far away from their families?

Did he have a letter of acceptance into college, or a job offer?

Was he helping orphans in any way, perhaps with kung fu?

Bobby and Otis talked about these things every morning while they waited for the mailman to arrive, which he did promptly at 10:15.

And every morning the mailman would shout. “WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?! AGAIN?!” because Otis had bitten that man right on his ass. “LEASH YOUR DOG, YOU FUCKING ROCK STAR PRICK!”

And then, Bobby and Otis head home, stopping off occasionally at neighbors’ lawns to pee (Otis) or poop (Otis and Bobby).


  1. I’m bored, the kids are doing gymnastics, and that post is simply awesome.

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