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Bob Your Head, Rag-Top



This is the 2CV6, Enthusiasts. Not the original French workingman’s car, but the updated (just a little bit) version Citroen introduced in 1970 and made for 21 years. It had a 602cc engine that produced 28 bhp. (You don’t need to know what those numbers mean, just know that they aren’t enough.) It has ridiculous French windows and a ridiculous French suspension and a ridiculous French transmission.

But you can roll the roof back. It’s a rag-top. Remember rag-tops? No giant Mercedes motorized hard-shell top that weighs 500 pounds, no whirring gears that break every year: weatherized canvas. The French do the little things right. (The big things they completely botch, but the details are always beautiful.)

And if you’re wondering why those people are so darn friendly? Yup, you guessed it: Canadians. (Although most of the Canadians around here have plates from Ontario or Quebec; these folks were Nova Scotians, which is a hell of a drive. Also: I didn’t understand a goddamn word the guy said when he asked me for directions.)


  1. Are you asking us to believe that they drove from Nova Scotia to Florida in a Citroen?

    They do not go that far.

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