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Bobby Goes To The Office

bobby office computer

“And what is, uh, this young lady here doing?”

“It’s called a job, Bob.”

“I’ve heard of those. Had a couple. Cowboy, rock star. Is she a cowboy or a rock star?”

“No, Bob.”

“Then I have no frame of reference. Also, I notice her lyric-screen is not on a microphone stand, but on the desk in front of her. And there’s no lyrics.”

“That’s a computer, Bob.”

“Super-computer? I know one of those. Good guy. Well, not a guy. Wall.”

“Just a regular computer.”

“Ah. And what are we watching?”

“Cat videos.”

“They’re scamps, kitties.”


Bobby has now reached the point in his career that when he shows up at places, he is led around the room to look at stuff. Like the Pope, or Kim Jong-Un.


Hey, Matt Busch. Whatcha doing?



“Fuck off.”

I just–

“Sell your bullshit elsewhere, twinkletits.”


Can I steal “twinkletits?”




  1. I can not imagine Matt calling anyone “twinkletits” but I think he’d like Pacaeous Lee.

  2. I am pretty sure she is telling him some made up bullshit about why his website was/is a mess

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    August 8, 2016 at 4:27 am

    don’t like to see manila envelopes treated this-a-way

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