bobby sandal socks

Socks OR sandals, Bobby: you can’t have both. And did you need the two guitars? Would one not have gotten across the message that you are, indeed, a guitarist? Does the second guitar say, “I REALLY play the guitar. Like, play THE FUCK out of the thing. Basically, I’m getting two guitars’ worth of guitar out of one guitar.”

And why are you on the floor? It’s nice outside, you could have gone there. Or to the comfy-yet-tasteful couch immediately behind you.

Your right hand, Bobby: did you position it intentionally so that it looks like you, too, are missing part of a finger? What message could you be sending us, Bobby?

I’m gonna feel the need to step in here and ask you to back away slowly from the crazy and get back on track.

We have a track? It’s been Billy punching dicks and “art” that can loosely be classified as outsider, and strictly be classified as terrifying.

Granted. But still, I’m talking about the kooky make-em-ups and misunderstandings we usually feature. Let’s do that again.

This website has, on no less than three separate and unrelated occasions, accused Phil of eating people.

No, it hasn’t! You take that back.

He eats their livers–


he doesn’t eat people.