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Bobby Speaks

bobby press conf
Hey, Bobby. Got yourself a new Garcia?

“He is not my Garcia. But, he’s awful excited about the new songs.”

Isn’t that nice.

“It is. Brings a shot of energy right into the whole shebang, y’know?”

Oh, yeah.

“The money was on the table, man.”

All you had to say. We’re all Americans here.

“It’s Halloween. People will dress up and take drugs: it’ll be a fun party.”

Sure. Are you guys dressing up as the Dead?

“You’re gonna be a dick about this.”

I am, yes.

You’ve had that shirt forever, haven’t you?

“Decades. I call him Civil Warren.”


“Blue and grey; lots of guns.”



  1. He wore that shirt two nights in a row in Eugene a few years back. With the clamdiggers.

    My only Dark Star…

    • His guitar is so low all the time. It hangs on his hips and it’s really weird idk lol but he looks like such a tool.

      • That’s why I identify with Mayer. Like myself, he’s “wrong on so many levels” (fashion diagnosis courtesy of dreadlocked Levantine princess who called me out one night at TC a few years back. I ditched the round Armanis, princess.)

        Mayer, you’re an Autumn, not a Spring. Get rid of the blue-grays and pinks. As for the guitar, stick with the classic outlines. That headstock gives me the creeps. (TWIMC: that goes for the rest of you.)

        Fashion is my business these days. I’m trying to change the system from within.

    • I wonder if Mayer’s wearing his fly fishing boots with the suit. That seems to be his usual choice in onstage footwear these days.

  2. hugh.c.mcbride

    August 6, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    “Are you guys dressing up as the Dead?”

    There will be many many (many!) comments made about this whole “Dead & Company” adventure in the days, weeks, months, & years to come, but none will be as good as this one.

  3. Fact: Bob wore that shirt for the entire Furthur summer tour in 2010, or at least all the shows I was at.

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