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Bobby Takes Manhattan

bobby headcount office

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“New York. Town that never sleeps. I think they sleep, but they’re awful busy. I asked one of these New York fellows when they had time to hang out with lamas, or experiment with new cooking techniques, or release long-awaited cowboy albums.”

What’d they say?

“They seemed confused by the nature of the question.”

Fast-paced lifestyle in Manhattan.

“Uh-huh, yeah. First time we came here, the whole band was murdered several times.”

New York was rough back then.

“That week in ’72 we played the Academy? Combined 1,400 muggings. I was personally mugged well over 400 times in a week.”


“There would be a line on the sidewalk nine muggers deep.”

Sure. Where exactly are you?

Headcount office. They, uh, got a lot of people registered to vote. Good work. Lot of the folks they registered are gonna vote for Jill Stein, but it’s the thought that counts. Oh. Oh. Hold on. I’m leaving my body.”

You do that a lot.

“I have left my body.”

bobby mckittrick

“I have re-entered my body.”

You’re in a different location.

“Yeah, that happens sometimes.”

That sounds disconcerting.

“Sure, yeah. This time it’s very concerting, though. I’ve literally been concerted.”

I see what you did there. What is this?

“Little concert for some fancy people, and also some writers. New album.”

You mean your long-awaited cowboy album, Blue Mountain, available for pre-order and on sale September 30?

“That’s awful nice of you.”



Leaving your body again?

“I am. Here we go.”

bobby lincoln center

“I’m back.”

I notice you’ve changed your pants.

“These trousers, like the ones I previously had on, were sold to me a lengthy short.”

Right. So, what is going on here?

“Well, when you think The Last Waltz, you think Lincoln Center in August. And, uh, here we are.”


“Gotta tell you: they did a terrible job advertising the show. Nobody here.”

I think this is sound check, Bobby.

“Remains to be seen. Wait. One more.”

You’re leaving your body again?

“I am, yeah.”

bobby lincoln center playing

“Here we go.”

You’re back?

“As much as I ever am. I guess that was the sound check.”

Yeah. This is that Last Waltz tribute thingamajig?

“Yeah. Look at where they put the drum set.”

Oh, yeah. Bobby, one question.


Are you, like, not allowed to go home?

“I am, I am. Just can’t seem to stay there.”

You do what you do.

“Sure, yeah.”


  1. Could that be Ken Kesey’s old Martin 0-15 in the Blue Mountain launch pic? Kesey used to like playing Tennessee Stud on his, so it has the right pedigree.

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