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Bobby Was A Race Car Driver


A quick piece of fun, with several notes:

  • Les Claypool kills the opening riff to The Other One just as hard as you might imagine he would.
  • Bobby can fucking play. No jokes: the man is good at guitar.
  • The tele sounds nice, too.
  • You only need four minutes or so of this, honestly.


  1. david notliemouz

    April 23, 2015 at 3:59 pm

    yaaasss bobby

  2. anyone know when the first appearance of the manpris/birkenstocks combo was? it seems iconic now, but no less goofy

  3. Robert Lansing (RIP), a very hot shot and not so modest guitar-slinger, played on the Heaven Help the Fool sessions. When I asked him about Bob, he said, “Best player in the room.”

  4. Classic Bobby. Play some AMAZING guitar. Spend the other half of the song fiddling with knobs with no discernible effect on the sound of the guitar.

    • Les and the rest of Primus do such a great job of creating tension with the first oart of the song and then Bobby wanders confused onto the stage and starts screwing with things.

      Classic is the word.

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