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Bobby Weir, Bobby Weir: Will You Do The Fine Rando?

bobby randos deb ball

“Meyers thinks he’s got randos?”

Oh, no. I will not have a Rando War.

“I have not yet begun to rando.”

Please don’t do this.


Bobby, stop yelling. You’re scaring the rich people.

“I know lots of randos. I have the best randos.”


“Well, you know: Joshy Come Lately.”

You hired him.

“He didn’t act like this at the interview.”

There was an interview?

“Oh, sure. Asked him a ton of questions.”


“Asked him where he saw himself in five years.”

What’d he say?


Good answer.

“Only right one, really.”

Yeah, but now you’ve gotta live with him. Please don’t start a Rando War. Billy will just wander out into the lot and do his Pied Piper routine.”

“Ball’s in his court.”

How those vest buttons doing, buddy?

“Okee doke, I’m gonna mingle.”

Good idea.


  1. Nice Patton reference.

  2. Not sure you will get back to this comment, since you seem to be on fire on the mountain then there is no mountain then there is and then you are on fire.

    But if you do read this..

    Please do the Josh Meyers interview as a post.

    I want to hear him answer.
    “when was the last time you broke the rules?”
    “Why is a manhole cover round?”

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