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Bobby Weird Guitar

bob guitar citi

All right, Gear Nerds: what the fuck is this thing? Why is Bobby playing an electric dobro?

Here’s a better shot:

bobby soundcheck weird guitar citifield

Someone needs to explain things to me, for I no longer understand the world, or my place in it.


  1. I am not a guitar nerd, nor will I ask my husband who IS sort of a guitar nerd, but I’ve been hearing tales that he’s using a metal plate thing called a resonator and that it sounds friggin amazing. I can attest to the sound, but not the validity of what the thing is called.

  2. That’s a National Reso-phonic or reso-tone. Electric dobro made currently by National.

  3. Resolectric?

  4. The mississipi delta was shinin like a national guitar.

  5. Althea only?

  6. The McCoy Tyner model

  7. Thought he used it for Peggy-O

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