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Bobby, You Knew I Was A Snake Tee-Shirt When You Put Me On

Enthusiasts, this is the rarest photograph of all: The Feeding of Snake Tee-Shirt.

“Who sssaid my name?”

Hey, Snake Tee-Shirt.




You miss your guy?

“I ssstill fit him! I would make him look sssexy!”

Don’t do this, Snake Tee-Shirt. Move on.

“I can’t forget the feel of hisss ssskin.”

Ew. What do you eat, anyway?

“Sssocksss with picturesss of ratsss on them.



  1. Did Bobby not have a Parrish of his own? did he have to share Parrishes with Garcia?

  2. Badum hiss

  3. I didn’t know I missed Snake T-Shirt till I heard him again.

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