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Bobby's Thoughts On Daylight Saving Time

Admittedly, most of Bobby’s thoughts on time in general were of the “How are clocks even a thing? You get me?” variety, but at a young age, he got a burr up his ass about Daylight Saving Time; each year, the number of questions he asked about the weird national habit of arbitrarily re-aligning itelf temporally increased and became more pointed.

TotD has eliminated the volumes of What If’s Bobby engaged in featuring the International Date Line to bring you a sampling.

“The government can just, like, tell us what time it is? No one else notices how weird that is? Just ol’ Bobby?

“Why don’t they change the date and time each year? You know: remember, Tuesday afternoon at 2:42, fall back an hour. I think that would keep people on their toes. Probably cause an airplane accident or two, also, but what can you do?

“And, see: Arizona and Illinois or Indiana–one of those corn and white people states–don’t even do the Daylight Saving Time thing. It’s voluntary? You can opt out of it being a certain time?

“Was this concept intended to make sense?

“Seriously: what the fuck with this bullshit?

“Why must our lives be held hostage to the schedules of centuries-dead farmers?

“Why don’t we set the calendar back a week while we’re at it? Howzabout we declare it’s August 12th, 1821? It’s all about giving us an extra hour: why not give us an extra 150 years?”


  1. The ghost of Miles Davis would like to know why that “white ass mutherf***er” thinks Illinois is a white state.
    Obviously, Bobby has never enjoyed barbequed pig snoots at 15th and Broadway.

  2. Anchovy Rancher

    November 3, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Experiment: Park a rented box truck against a wall tightly enough that you can’t get out. Your tools? A cutting torch, a Zippo lighter and a pack of Camels. And, that Subway sandwich that’s starting to: “smell funny.”

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