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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


Damn. God bless America. 



  2. Shapiro channeled his inner bill graham
    happy 4th everybody

  3. Mmmmmm…… pie with bald eagle crust is the best way to mourn the last ever Little Red Rooster.

  4. Lord have mercy. I think I’m becoming a Phishhead.
    I’m back on the Treyn.

  5. RationalExpressions

    July 5, 2015 at 10:42 am

    So glad I caved in and bought the pay per view. Sounds like this was the best show so far. Never a Phish fan, but now I’m so confused about the hate towards TA. I thought he was stellar. And it’s obvious he and Hornsby are having their own little party up there.

    • If you all wanted to watch just tonight’s show, what would be your preferred option? With YouTube I’d be paying for the past 2 nights which I didn’t watch. And trying to surf the ustream and periscope streams gets tiring. The local venue that was going to have a simulcast cancelled it.

      • I had to drive a little out of town to get to a movie theater, but I am fucking glad that I did so and that I dragged my dad out of the house. Seeing it in theaters was absolutely incredible. You might have to go a little farther than local if you want this experience. I would go again tonight, but I have work next week I am cri omfg

      • I have to be at work pretty early and the closest theater is a ways away…

      • I’d suggest listening to the Phishfiend pheed tonight. Excellent audio. Do you have Sirius XM? They are broadcasting the pre-show and the show itself. Might want to check that out.

      • wtfwjd, I don’t think you would be paying for all three nights on YouTube. When I look it up I see $29.95 for tonight’s show – that is how much they charged for individual Chicago shows.

        I watched Santa Clara on YouTube and Chicago on Dish pay-per-view. I much preferred the YouTube. Dish was broadcasting it in SD which did not look or sound crisp at all.

        Here’s the site,

      • Thanks Mags & others. I am towards the end of a free trial for Sirius. They play it delayed though which is annoying. And I’d like to see. I have a Roku and a big TV with good sound and stuff so I’ll probably do the YouTube thing. I’m a cheapskate though. I think the last Merriweather shows were like 9 or 10 bucks for lawn seats? I know that was 30 years ago but still…$30 for an Internet stream feels like a lot. I had thought that was for the full run but guess I was wrong. Oh well, it’ll be fun.

  6. Mr totd, you like that concrete of the stands trembling?

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