Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Bouncing Around The Room


Look at this happy fucker. Look at him, all happy like that. Happy fucker.


  1. Back in my day, enthusiasts were able to post gifs too. They could even upload images so large that they could be seen with the naked eye (oooo-eeee!).

    • Dear ToTD,

      if you want us to post pictures that big “oooo-eeee” then please put that regular expression in your code. I once shared a regular expression with you, it is a snippet of PHP that transforms a link to an image tag.

      I posted it once, I can find it if needed. It converts stuff like http://path to image, into an image tag. It scared you back then, but you are more technical now. You have headphones, you are in control.

      If not that, then I told you how to give us 240 by 240 images, do what you did then, but make it 480 by 480.


      Cookie Abernathy

      Yes Yes.. good , Yes good.. Cookie is good.

  2. but i thought the headphones hurt his head and had to be returned? so maybe no increase in technological confidence/know-how.

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