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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Bowled Over

Y’know, that was a shitty Rock Nerd thing to do this morning. Kendrick Lamar is great. The way he talks about things over music? That’s some good talking-over-music.

Anyway, let’s make amends: the video above is the multi-talented Taylor Swift from last night’s show.

Nope. Holly Bowling playing Eyes of the World.

Oh. Not Taylor Swift?


The musical talent should have given it away?

Were you making a little Tay-Tay joke when you called her “multi-talented?”

Not at all. She can be photographed from the left or right.



  1. Holly Bowling does a ridiculous version of the Tahoe Tweezer…

  2. I seem to be the only one not on the Bowling bandwagon. I think what she does comes dangerously close to what killed off the spontaneity in classical music in the 19th century and started fossilizing jazz in the 90s.

    Using the songs as launching points? Absolutely. Recreating something exactly because you can? Antithetical to the Purpose of the Dead IMO.

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