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Box Of Rainforest #4

jerry michelle shockedFor the completist, masochist, or wheezing fetishist, the show the Boys (the ones that could be bothered to show up for the press conference) were promoting with the United Nations was 9/24/88 at MSG.

It is not recommended that you listen to that show, honestly. The West LA Fadeaway with Mick Taylor from the Stones is good, but a few songs later, Garcia painfully whiffs the “Take me to the leader of the band” line in Ramble On, Rose and the entire band takes it like a gut punch and the rest of the night is mostly shitty.

In his (and everyone else’s) defense, this was the ninth show in eleven nights, which is a bit much. This was ’88: Garcia was probably still getting medical bills from his coma.

Pictured is Suzanne Vega, who sat in with the band for two songs, and whom Garcia porked. (He was clean at the time. When Garcia was clean, he porked like a rock star.)


  1. Have you seen these?

    “But wait! We’ll throw in a second one , just pay extra shipping and handling!”

  2. Sir Luther Van Baconson

    April 30, 2015 at 11:42 am

    in the back of Suzanne’s ’76 Vega?

  3. love me some Suzanne vega

  4. On the matrix of this show, right before “Chinese Bones” you can hear an audience member exclaim “I love “Chinese Bones!'”. Garcia is heard coughing and hacking between tunes also. Especially after he says “..Like to invite Mick Taylor out to play”. 9/22/88 is an excellent one from this run, btw.

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