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Bravo, Your Home For Fashion

bobby jm andy cohen tiedye

“Look at this shirt, Bobby.”


“You look surprised.”

“When I saw the shirt, I understood what Oppenheimer felt like watching the Trinity test.”

“Should we take another call?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Caller, you’re on with Bob Weir and Josh Meyers.”



“Heeeeeey, man.”

“Oh, hey, Soup.”


“Your name is Soup?”

“I’m Soup, man.”

“And where are you calling from?”

“The dressing room down the hall, man. I’ve moved in, man.”

“What? Is that…is he…?”


“He’s really in there? So get him out.”


“What do you mean there’s a talking PA system in your way?”

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  1. “I am Bobby, destroyer of worlds”

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