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Break Like The Wind

phil guild old

Hey, buddy. Oh, dear. Is it–

“Windbreaker Wednesday!”

–Windbreak…godammit, Phil.


  1. Whoa, thanks… that looks like the Gibson/Epi Casady bass. Have never seen Phil on one of those before.

    • Y’know, I had thought it was his old Guild (or a replica,) but that headstock is a Gibson, yeah.

      And now I can see that the horns are asymmetrical. Good call.

      • I’ve always wanted one of those, but even the Korean ones are $700, or about $600 more than my talent is worth. It’s probably nice, though. I have an Epi Dot that would make passable ’72 Bobby noises in the hands of someone competent.

        Also: Jack is a monster.

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