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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Breaking, Waves

mickey captains hat

“I’m gonna stick my dobro up your ass if you don’t take that stupid thing off.”

“Contract says I can wear it.”

“Just stand there and wave your mallets around, jackass.”

“Ah, wear your culottes, Weir.”

“You don’t like Lost Sailor, then write your own song and we’ll play that.”

“I wrote a song. I invented rap music.”

“Don’t you start with that shit again.”

“What the fuck is in your ears, Mick?”

“What the fuck are on your feet, Bob?”

“That’s it. Andrew!”

aaron paul deadandco citifield

“Do you mean me, Bobby?”

“Andrew Perry.”


“Apple Peach.”


“Ally Pally.”

“That’s a place, Bob. It’s Aaron Paul.”

“Whatever. You’re a criminal person. Come hit Mickey for me.”

“I am an actor, Bobby. Not a criminal.”

“There’s a difference?”


  1. I thought the Captain looked more like Lou Reed than Daryl Dragon. I never knew Mickey could pull off being Lou Reed impersonating Daryl Dragon playing drums

  2. Remember the bionic watermelon skit from Captain and Tennile Show. I don’t know why I do.

  3. Drink all day rock all night

    June 29, 2016 at 2:22 am

    It’s easy to grin When your ship comes in And you’ve got the stock market beat. But the man worthwhile, Is the man who can smile, When his shorts are too tight in the seat.

  4. true story: 4/11/87 mick went through two hats and an eyepatch during desolation row.

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