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Brilliant Disguise

IMG_1708Hey, Garcia. Look like a rock star, man.

“Nice of you to notice.”

Wish you could be there the next two weeks.

“Well, y’know, man–”

You stay away from that goddamned Time Sheath technology.

“–I can be there.”

“What if I come dressed as Bruce Hornsby?”

There’s already going to be a Bruce Hornsby there. Bad enough there’s two drummers – there can’t be two Bruces Hornsby.

“Is that how you pluralize that?”

Yeah: it’s like surgeons general. Anyway: not only is there already a Bruce Hornsby, but literally all of his distinguishing features are the opposite of you. Tall, skinny, sober, reasonable–

“All right, all right.”

–family man, can play the piano, has all his fingers, was in the Wu-Tang Clan.


How do you think he met Tu-Pac?


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  1. I am sending you the bill for the keyboard that I just spit my beer all over.

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