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Bruce Hornsby & The Ginge #2

trey bruce bacjstage

“We’re really in the band, right?”

“Yeah, Trey. Remember: Phil sent us those nice letters asking us to join the band?”

“I just wanted to be sure this isn’t some Bobby bullshit. He asked everyone at his book club yesterday”

“Hey, who taught you about ‘Bobby bullshit?'”

“Heard some of the crew say it. What exactly is Bobby bullshit, besides the random and unauthorized invitations to join the Grateful Dead?”

“That time that Bobby impersonated a doctor to get into the maternity ward so that he would be the first thing the babies would see and imprint on him and boom: cult leader. And then someone had to explain to him that humans aren’t ducks and that made Bobby sad.”

“Bobby bullshit?”

“Bobby bullshit.”


  1. They have been practicing at Front Street. The other day, the sound was all fucked up and Trey got really upset and pushed Phil down this little flight of stairs. Trey was upset after because as he put it, “me and and Phil have been tight for days, man.”

    The fall aggravated Phil’s arthritis. He’s lucky he didn’t break his hip.

    They weirdest thing was that at the time Trey thought the music was just fucked, but when he listened back to the tapes, they were just crackling with energy!

    In other news, Trey has found a place in San Rafael that makes amazing chili dogs and milkshakes.

    Also too, he has impregnated Manasha Matheson.

  2. Anchovy Rancher

    January 31, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Trey- Tome jugo de mis Verga de Buffalo.

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