Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Bruce Hornsby & The Ginge Alpha

trey bruce big“Last chance to back out, Treyvon.”

“Bruce, I am pumped. I am psyched about these gigs like I haven’t been in a long, long time.”

“I like to hear that. Y’know, I’ve been playing it cool, but I got some goosebumps, too, brother.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Give this thing the proper good-bye.”

“Right. Of course, first we gotta survive a month with these freakshows.”

“I plan on taking up drinking.”

“You’re smart, Bruce. Opiates would be great, too.”


“Oh, yeah. The secret of the poppy is that the first little bit is awesome and truly unlocks some creative spaces you wouldn’t have been able to access without it.”


“Yeah. But then there’s a rough decade.”


“Quite a bit more vomiting than one would choose.”

“Good tips.”

“Sure. Speaking of vomiting: how are they?”

“Mickey’s in tip-top shape.”

“That’s nice.”

“Been at the rehearsal studio for a few weeks, now.”


“Sleeping there.”

“–there? Dammit.”

“Not really sleeping.”

“Oh, what could be worse?”

“It’s like the Tony Stark suit-building montage, but with drums.”

“He’s inspired.”

“He’s inspired.”

“Also, this is the first blank check anyone’s handed Mickey for a while.”

“And he’s gonna whack on every piece of tanned animal hide he can until the money runs out.”

“You seem to get Mickey, Trey.”

“I do, though you will notice my band does not contain one.”



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  1. “then there is a rough decade”….or more. Just a slight correction. Carry on.

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