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Bruce Hornsby & The Ginge #3

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“So, what do they call you?”

“Bobby thinks I’m named Brett. Mickey and Phil mostly get it right on the second or third time.”


“They’re like dads with a lot of kids: ‘Keith, Vince, Merl, which one are you? Bruce!’ It’s kind of adorable.”

“And Billy?”

“Billy’s called me Big Fella for 25 years now. I would bet good money he has never actually known my name.”

“I would not take that bet.”


“What have they been calling you?”

“Well, Bobby calls me Trey, but needs to be re-introduced to me every time we meet.”

“Yeah, if you didn’t make it into Bob’s memory banks before a certain year, you’re just not getting in. I snuck in under the wire, I think.”

“Billy knows it’s Trey, but he’s got it in his head that Trey is short for Tremendous.”

“What is it short for?”



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  1. Has anyone ever determined wher Billy was at the time “someone” was deflating Tom Brady’s balls?

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