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Buddha Was A Sumo Wrestler

TotD is officially adding Buddhists to The List. Just as annoying and unnecessary and unhelpful as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and all the minor league religions. I know that all us white-boy college-pukes are supposed to carve out some sort of exception for Buddhism, but it stops now.

This is not–in any way–an advocacy of atheism: fuck them, too.

You believe something? You don’t? Who cares: do your work and don’t be an asshole.



  1. Good Buddhist or Bad Buddhist questions.

    Do they meditate or do yoga in front of you or in a lavishly expensive meditation room. Do they do Yoga in private or are they always standing on their head in the front yard for the world to see?

    Seeking attention while claiming to practice humility is the most common sign of a bad Buddhist. A good Buddhist will meditate on whatever cushion is available, and will do Yoga in private. A good Buddhist keeps their Holiness to themselves.

    Do they speak of detachment, and other forms of holiness when borrowing your car, your house, your stuff. They are a bad Buddhist.

    A good Buddhist without a car will walk into town and buy groceries for the both of you, counting breaths and farts along the way. A bad Buddhist will borrow your car and your cash to buy expensive Chai Tea, Quinuoa, Goji and Acai berries for themselves.

    Do they name drop the famous or rich folks who they share tea with or meditate with?

    This is another sign of the Bad Buddhist, A good Buddhist meditates for personal reasons, a bad Buddhist meditates so they can hang out with other Bad but famous Buddhists.

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    August 20, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    in the immigration/customs line yesterday, a Tibetan Monk saw the 77 shirt and laughed.

  3. To hell with you anti-religion bullshit!

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