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Bush Doctrine

jerry hawaii wet shorts

Which wife was that? Massapequa? Monstermash? Whoever she was, if her leg wasn’t there, we would be able to see Garcia’s balls. Which brings me to the topic of the evening: let’s discuss Garcia’s bush. Now, some Dead scholars assert that–

No, no. Not gonna happen.



–his pubis was…how did you do that? We alternate lines. That’s not supposed to happen.

Neither is you speculating on a dead stranger’s genitals for a thousand words.

Bush is not genitals.

The entire area is off-limits. This is over the line. I know sometimes it seems like there isn’t a line, but there is, and Garcia’s crotch-curlies are over it. Way over it. Can’t even see them from the line.

I understand your point, but this is a fascinating topic. I mean: Garcia had all the hair in the world on his skull, but below the neck, he was as sleek as the orca on his shirt. Which side did Garcia’s potato salad take?

Please don’t say–


–Civil War. I hate you.

You mention that a lot.

I hate you a lot. I hate you a very lot.


  1. Those might be speedos.

  2. Robin Russell

    May 12, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    Could that be Gina, the dive instructor?

  3. really should have not have gone there.lmao

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    May 13, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    now you see ’em now you don’t

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