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Business As Usual

sc ftw stage“Can you see the Levi’s® sign?”

“Yes, sir, but you can’t really make out what’s going on with the stage.”

“Can. You. See. The. Levi’s®. Sign?”

“Clear as day.”

“Great. Post it on the Instatweet and lay off the remaining American workers. Yourself included.”


    • That’s pretty cool light show lamp scaffolding. The 3 circular lamp arrays will create a light tunnel effect. Shapiro spared no expense.

  1. A multisensory extravaganza surely awaits those who enter Levis stadium! Think maybe I’ll stay home and listen to some Grateful Dead music instead…

  2. Will Levi’s be the official clothier of the Dead at these farewell shows? have they bought the rights to outfit Bobby in limited edition short shorts and more importantly his potato salad? Will wearers of wrangler or heaven forbid gap jeans be refused entry? Enquiring deadheads want to know

  3. Casual Fridays at the office are my fave. Kate picks out my clothes

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