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Buy A Shirt, Listen To A Show

We have an Enthusiast of the day to honor. You may recall that I recently couldn’t post pictures. Why? I have no idea. A wonderful man named Mike (same guy that helped me movie the site a while ago) came to my aid. Go thank him by buying a shirt celebrating 9/8/90 at Richmond Coliseum.

Additionally, you may also go listen to the show. I have not vetted this show at all, let alone in an extreme fashion; I cannot speak to its choogliness. This is the setlist:

At first, you think “Not many surprises,” but then you realize it’s got an Eyes>Estimated, and that is just crazy talk. Grateful Dead was having backwards day on September 8th.

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  1. eyes->estimated was a thing in ’90. isn’t this the ‘jam out of terrapin’ from the box set?

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