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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

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bobby ratdog blueYou can surround yourself with mutants once and call it an accident; doing it every time you form a band is a decision.


  1. Always the best looking guy in the room.

  2. Its almost like, in the late 80s, the band (Bobby) decided (begged,whined,cajoled,harassed,) to start a contest called “America’s Next Top Grateful Dead Roadie” which was an “American Idol”/”The Apprentice”-type contest with the finalist gaining a spot on the Grateful Dead crew. In this picture,Bobby poses with several of the more profoundly awful contestants after their rapid elimination. The woman was particularly foolhardy in thinking she’d be a shoe-in to become the 1st official “Stylist” to the band.

  3. It was sad to see Steve Parrish’s brother, Monty, demonstrate himself to be lacking entirely in any and every skill one would need to be on any stage, for any reason. Goes to show a leather vest, awful shirt and walrus moustache ain’t the key to it all.

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