Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


“Hi, I’m Bobby and this is my shockingly age-appopriate wife.”


“Look at our feet!”

ADDENDUM: We have been informed that the woman caring about the earth to Bobby’s right is his sister. GORGEOUS. The bone structure, the cheeks, the lips. I want to watch them make a mouth sandwich with me as the meat. My meat and my summerberries: they’re ripe, ripe for you and you alone, my summerberry Princess Leia. You’re my girl-Bobby now, yes you are. That’s why I had to eat–

That’s enough. He’s got to go. Sorry pal, we tried.

But, Billy  keeps punching me in my summer–

He does that. Christ, why does this job keep driving them insane? 

The irresistible force of longing vs. the immovable object of mortality?

That or the drugs. Next up.


  1. dude, that’s his sister. Booooo!

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